Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Recently, online friends Arseblog mentioned that someone had visited them after searching the Internet with the words C3PO Erection Card. And one entrepid Arseblog member, KermitAfc, subsequently reported the news "Apparently when Topps released their original line of Star Wars Trading Cards in the 70's a card featuring C3-PO with a large golden erection slipped under the radar. [A] programme I was watching (some MTV nonsense dealing with Urban Myths) managed to dig one up from a Canadian collector and it does indeed show our favourite golden Droid with a massive boner. On closer inspection it seems that some unidentified object in the backround blends in with a curvy bit on C3-PO's hip and makes him look like a very lucky Droid indeed. As with all of life's happy mistakes, the card was removed and the line discontinued. No one knows exactly how many of these cards exists, it is reckoned to be only a few hundred in the whole world, so needless to say they are very, very valuable." With thanks to the excellent Arseblog forum.

Oh lucky Droid...

This Rorschach Test Site describes how this psychological test technique is applied and gives gives ten examples, with explanations on what you are supposed to see and what that might mean. In the third blot your response supposedly determines your sexual preference. Definitely an interesting site, although the ten images used for the real Rorschach Test are kept strictly under wraps. The thinking being that if you see the genuine images first, you would not give a proper first response should you be dragged in front of a phychiatrist one day.

Check out the ineptitude of Brighton's planning people with these images of wierd cycle lanes.

It's amazing what people will try and make money out of. Somebody's trying to sell this enormously oversized Cheeto on ebay. However the ebay community appears not to be taking this too seriously. Someone's put in a bid of $99,999,990! And I always thought you had to give your credit card details before you bid....

A cunningly crafted paper airplane simulator.

Is there anything the Internet doesn't do? Morse Code Translator.

Is there any fucked-up idea the Internet doesn't have? Send Telegrams to the afterlife. For $5 per word terminally ill volunteers will memorise your message ready to deliver them in the afterlife. This has got to be a piss take, else someone thinks they can make money out of some extraordinarily misguided people. Sadly these people exist in far too vast numbers. And they get the vote.

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