Monday, February 24, 2003

The wittiest anti-war banner.... in the world....ever!

Lots of sites have recently required the surfer to use his (his?! Yes. His. I realised recently that not many females are interested in this sort of thing y'know? And those that are generally aren't bothered by all this sexist language business. I reckon.) PC microphone. This Weapons Inspector game encourages you to converse with the Iraqis. Or to scream as loudly as humanly possible - depending on the situation in the game. And that is at some considerable volume since you're a testostorone packed lad. You'll enjoy that won't you? And you girlies won't be so childish as to scream down the wire into the Internet at large would you now?

Speaking of idiot males warbling into their computers, check this out. Sav, a young and obviously foolish student, had recorded himself singing along to songs on his computer. Oh deary dear. His house mates duly discovered the said recordings and, naturally, created a website without his knowledge. It goes without saying that Sav, despite fancying himself as something of a crooner, cannot sing for toffee. So I invite you all to visit aforsaidmentioned site, listen in, and then realise that all my mutterings in the previous paragraph were in fact lethally accurate. Naturally.

Cheer yourself up.

Remember that ice skating bint Tonya Harding who arranged an attack on her Olympic rival Nancy Kerrigan in 1994? No? Oh for God's sake. Anyway, she's turned up in the news again. As a boxer! She lost her first bout. Naturally.

Ah, the Congestion Charge. Personally speaking, as mainly a bus user, I'm delighted. But then I would be. Play this fine game in which you drive a white van (boo!) attempting to make deliveries around London without getting caught by Ken's cameras. Typical White Van Man behaviour I suppose. Bastards.
Damn good monkey diving game.
Ridiculously bastard difficult game. But it looks cool.
Shit but topical. When Managers Attack!...


Thanks this week to Tom and crew.

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