Thursday, November 19, 2009

Babybird... booo!!!

Babybird, originally uploaded by Ben Yacobi.

So I was at his gig in Hoxton taking photos. The reason - Babybird's his PR has been touting it around that Johnny Depp was playing guitar at the gig with the band (he's on their new album apparently) so my photo agency asked me to go and arranged for me to get a photopass.

Still there were only four photographers. About three songs in he says "a lot of photographers in here tonight. Wonder why that is?" A few laughs. Then he turns to me and asks me where I'm from. I say I'm with an agency. He accuses me of being a paparazzi (which is an insult in my book) and then turns to the crowd and says "he's a wanker".

Now I'm there because I love music and I love photography. I don't expect to be insulted in front of a room full of people with no right of reply. Franky, it's unprofessional and just rude. I could've pulled him off the stage right there and then. I wasn't blocking anyone's view, I wasn't blinding him by using a flash, I got there an hour in advance because I knew ther'd be no photopit and didn't want to push my way to the front, I was just doing my job.

I've always thought a good definition of wanker was a person who would call someone they know nothing about a wanker.

My Depp never did turn up... Babybird waited till the final song of his encore to reveal that nugget. :-(