Monday, June 16, 2003

It is the tinkering that always gets us in the end. After finding Try2Hack, which challenges one to hack through increasingly difficult levels of login pages, and having reached the dizzying heights of level 3 (which would be quite shit excepting for the fact that this was a first ever attempt at any sort of hacking), this writer achieved a level of computing confidence more akin to brazen arrogance.

Sad computer geek makes lava lamp casing (which does look quite cool though).

And so it came to pass that seconds later, when a lovely G-Force graphics card displayed itself in my hand, excessive driver software fiddling became a destiny. The results were as inevitable as a Daily Mail leader column the day after Prince William had met a young asylum seeker for dinner and a friendly chat.

Had it been capable of it, my monitor would have wept. I had transformed it from a displayer of wonderful and curious images to a conveyor of black nothingness and doom.

And thus so I did rip my hair...

Difficult bastard of a game.

Hence I come before you now in an all-new super humbled form. Behind me are the days of writing in a style that is somehow ignorant of the concept of the first person. I see now that such an approach is wholly inconsistent with the ideals of a Weblog, which is after all the ultimate personal publishing tool. To exclude words such as "I", "me" and "myself" was of course wonderfully ironic and novel. And actually, yes, it was quite good wasn't it?

Fuck it.

Bush falls off Segway

Friday, June 13, 2003

Ah-ha. This hosting business is coming together. After suffering the indignity of being an advertising space every time the hosting site let the site down, another more reliable host was sought. And thus we came to where we are now. And one result is that a second musical composition of mine is available to you now...

Download all 7.8Mb of the mp3 Unleashed Radioactive Terror Man.

Talking of downloads: do you have the time, inclination or bandwidth to download a 328Mb file? If so, Rockstar Games are giving you the opportunity to download the original Grand Theft Auto for zilch (apart from the incurrance of a multi-pound phone bill). They've even optimised it for your sparkling new computer.

If not, let Charging take you by the hips and spin your body around until your nose points towards these nice smelling online games:

The hardest geeky game on the Internet: Who Wants To Be A Squillionaire? ....test your Spectrum game knowledge.

More fun is to be had at Snake Jump. Fine over-addictive jollity.

And the beautifully crafted Butch Mushroom. And please do not think that this means that mushrooms aren't disgusting obscene objects of putrid and disgust. Anything that can be so common and yet so foul practically disproves the existence of a God who it is supposedly omnibenevolent, omnipotent, and omniscient. Still, quite a good game though.

But don't get like this.....
sad computer gaming

.....although this invention suggests that it is our destiny.....
ejaculatory computer gaming

Today is Friday 13th folks. The day the author of this site was painfully pushed into existence. And here's a news story on said occassion.

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Charging Through The Midfield has set up its own hosting recently, which means that any piccies you email in can be posted, plus it means you get to hear some music that the writer of this site has composed...

Download an mp3 of Morning Over Chaconne Valley (1Mb). More to come soon.

All this probably means that you will see lots more little boxes containing an x. This isn't because hosting is less reliable, but rather because there has never been a recorded instance of trouble-free computer tinkering. In actual fact, there is a faint hope that all this gubbins should improve the service. Sadly however, such reasoning is wildly optimistic. Bah.

If you want your computer to do all that green Matrix type stuff, go here.

Sign the petition to have London's tubes running till 3am at weekends. What with Red Ken taking over in the next few weeks, London's Underground is primed for changes; although whether it is realistically going to happen is a whole other affair considering the state the underground system is in. But sign away my friends.

The 25 Lamest Superheroes Ever

This optimistic site asks: "Why keep your credit card numbers to yourself, when you can let everyone see them? No other website will give you the chance to show everyone your credit card numbers (including your pin number).....Register now and you will also get to see your details animated to the theme tune of Magnum P.I."

Two players - one with the keyboard the other with the mouse - can have a thrashingly good time with Spastic Chess. Else one player can make good the name by setting left hand against right. The excitement.

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Not that Charging wants to encourage those corsair* types among you, but here is the Matrix movie rendered in glorious 8bit ascii. "What is the Ascii Matrix?" the site ponders to itself and the world at large. Well, we were hoping someone might tell us, 'cos Charging cannot be arsed to download the 25Mb Java Applet using the 56k modem it is currently plugged into.

You will soon be hanging off the ceiling with one hand... Good news then.

Take the BBC's Test the Nation IQ Test. Because after all, why not?

Talking of puzzles for clever types, check out Einstein's riddle which he reckoned only 2 per cent of the population would be able to solve. The final words of the riddle are an all-time classic: "The question is: who owns the fish?"

Since this site is a member of London Bloggers, it was not thought to be totally inappropriate to link to this humerous and excellent London Underground site. Special thanks for finding this site goes to the marvelous Wizzlopia - another Weblog dedicate to the intricacies of our loverly Web. Having mentioned this Weblog once, Charging now feels the time is ripe to blatantly steal at least one other link Wizzlopia has informed its own lucky readership about in recent days... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!.... (and so forth...)

Namely: Which Red Dwarf Character Are You? (Which isn't that fantastic to be honest. But it's existence here paints yet another section of that mental image of the cultural positioning of this site you have been gradually and unknowingly forming. Charging hopes that the existence of this image will influence you into unwittingly visiting here constantly in order to satisfy a nagging curiosity to understand more of that picture. The aim is to make this site as mentally addictive as Internet porn, but in a more subtle way of course. Obviously this is a tremendously ambitious plan, yet is it not better to aim high? Correspondence to the usual address please.)

* Look it up.