Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Not that Charging wants to encourage those corsair* types among you, but here is the Matrix movie rendered in glorious 8bit ascii. "What is the Ascii Matrix?" the site ponders to itself and the world at large. Well, we were hoping someone might tell us, 'cos Charging cannot be arsed to download the 25Mb Java Applet using the 56k modem it is currently plugged into.

You will soon be hanging off the ceiling with one hand... Good news then.

Take the BBC's Test the Nation IQ Test. Because after all, why not?

Talking of puzzles for clever types, check out Einstein's riddle which he reckoned only 2 per cent of the population would be able to solve. The final words of the riddle are an all-time classic: "The question is: who owns the fish?"

Since this site is a member of London Bloggers, it was not thought to be totally inappropriate to link to this humerous and excellent London Underground site. Special thanks for finding this site goes to the marvelous Wizzlopia - another Weblog dedicate to the intricacies of our loverly Web. Having mentioned this Weblog once, Charging now feels the time is ripe to blatantly steal at least one other link Wizzlopia has informed its own lucky readership about in recent days... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!.... (and so forth...)

Namely: Which Red Dwarf Character Are You? (Which isn't that fantastic to be honest. But it's existence here paints yet another section of that mental image of the cultural positioning of this site you have been gradually and unknowingly forming. Charging hopes that the existence of this image will influence you into unwittingly visiting here constantly in order to satisfy a nagging curiosity to understand more of that picture. The aim is to make this site as mentally addictive as Internet porn, but in a more subtle way of course. Obviously this is a tremendously ambitious plan, yet is it not better to aim high? Correspondence to the usual address please.)

* Look it up.

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