Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Charging Through The Midfield has set up its own hosting recently, which means that any piccies you email in can be posted, plus it means you get to hear some music that the writer of this site has composed...

Download an mp3 of Morning Over Chaconne Valley (1Mb). More to come soon.

All this probably means that you will see lots more little boxes containing an x. This isn't because hosting is less reliable, but rather because there has never been a recorded instance of trouble-free computer tinkering. In actual fact, there is a faint hope that all this gubbins should improve the service. Sadly however, such reasoning is wildly optimistic. Bah.

If you want your computer to do all that green Matrix type stuff, go here.

Sign the petition to have London's tubes running till 3am at weekends. What with Red Ken taking over in the next few weeks, London's Underground is primed for changes; although whether it is realistically going to happen is a whole other affair considering the state the underground system is in. But sign away my friends.

The 25 Lamest Superheroes Ever

This optimistic site asks: "Why keep your credit card numbers to yourself, when you can let everyone see them? No other website will give you the chance to show everyone your credit card numbers (including your pin number).....Register now and you will also get to see your details animated to the theme tune of Magnum P.I."

Two players - one with the keyboard the other with the mouse - can have a thrashingly good time with Spastic Chess. Else one player can make good the name by setting left hand against right. The excitement.

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