Friday, June 13, 2003

Ah-ha. This hosting business is coming together. After suffering the indignity of being an advertising space every time the hosting site let the site down, another more reliable host was sought. And thus we came to where we are now. And one result is that a second musical composition of mine is available to you now...

Download all 7.8Mb of the mp3 Unleashed Radioactive Terror Man.

Talking of downloads: do you have the time, inclination or bandwidth to download a 328Mb file? If so, Rockstar Games are giving you the opportunity to download the original Grand Theft Auto for zilch (apart from the incurrance of a multi-pound phone bill). They've even optimised it for your sparkling new computer.

If not, let Charging take you by the hips and spin your body around until your nose points towards these nice smelling online games:

The hardest geeky game on the Internet: Who Wants To Be A Squillionaire? ....test your Spectrum game knowledge.

More fun is to be had at Snake Jump. Fine over-addictive jollity.

And the beautifully crafted Butch Mushroom. And please do not think that this means that mushrooms aren't disgusting obscene objects of putrid and disgust. Anything that can be so common and yet so foul practically disproves the existence of a God who it is supposedly omnibenevolent, omnipotent, and omniscient. Still, quite a good game though.

But don't get like this.....
sad computer gaming

.....although this invention suggests that it is our destiny.....
ejaculatory computer gaming

Today is Friday 13th folks. The day the author of this site was painfully pushed into existence. And here's a news story on said occassion.

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