Monday, June 16, 2003

It is the tinkering that always gets us in the end. After finding Try2Hack, which challenges one to hack through increasingly difficult levels of login pages, and having reached the dizzying heights of level 3 (which would be quite shit excepting for the fact that this was a first ever attempt at any sort of hacking), this writer achieved a level of computing confidence more akin to brazen arrogance.

Sad computer geek makes lava lamp casing (which does look quite cool though).

And so it came to pass that seconds later, when a lovely G-Force graphics card displayed itself in my hand, excessive driver software fiddling became a destiny. The results were as inevitable as a Daily Mail leader column the day after Prince William had met a young asylum seeker for dinner and a friendly chat.

Had it been capable of it, my monitor would have wept. I had transformed it from a displayer of wonderful and curious images to a conveyor of black nothingness and doom.

And thus so I did rip my hair...

Difficult bastard of a game.

Hence I come before you now in an all-new super humbled form. Behind me are the days of writing in a style that is somehow ignorant of the concept of the first person. I see now that such an approach is wholly inconsistent with the ideals of a Weblog, which is after all the ultimate personal publishing tool. To exclude words such as "I", "me" and "myself" was of course wonderfully ironic and novel. And actually, yes, it was quite good wasn't it?

Fuck it.

Bush falls off Segway

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