Friday, February 21, 2003

The other day I put on Teletext on my TV and found everything on it to be three weeks old. Either I had gone back in time, I thought, or the computers at Teletext Towers had gone haywire. It would be a lot cooler of course if this happened to the whole of the Internet. Alas the nearest you might get to that is via the wonderous Internet Wayback Machine. But you could also relive yesteryear through this Streakers Hall of Fame. Seventeen hot pages of flesh-tastic history. Else watch time go by using the Industrious Clock.

Japanese pencil carving... Or a mysterious baby circumcision.

Odd people holding up toy cars in front of their camera lenses to make them look real...


Plus, people with too much time on their hands creating custom built Simsons toys...

Flash Mind Reader The interest is, of course, in spotting how it has fooled you into thinking it's actually any good. There is no such thing as mind reading in real life.

Excellent White House piss-take site.

Every now and then I come across a fucked up and disturbing site. And I'm not just talking about sites where you can watch some slapper drinking turtle cum. These sites are disturbing because they are presented as ordinary sites of interest. How about this? Download blackbox recordings of doomed flights.

Did you know that Coulrophobia is the fear of clowns? Exhaustive Phobia List.

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