Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Now I've been responsible for directing people to some non-existent pages, but click here and scrutinise carefully. The first time I tried this I thought I'd been dealt a false card. Until I looked more closely... Little linkys do also work and direct you to some useful shit.

Interesting gossip going around about the Man U post Arsenal match "bust up". I'm finding this all extremely funny as it allows the world to keep reminding itself and everybody else how United were utterly outplayed by the Arse. And I for one intend to play my part in continuing this trend by publishing said gossip: "I'm on an Arsenal mailing list and one guy on it claims to be a good friend of Ashley Cole. Now this guy has told the list stuff before that he said he heard from Ashley and a lot of it has turned out to be true. Anyway his latest story today is that Ashley went in to the United dressing room after Saturdays match to commiserate with his English team mates. Rio Ferdinand quickly ushered him out saying that there was a major row. Apparently Rio told Cole that Ferguson was giving Beckham a right going over and said to him "Ashley Cole made you look a right cunt". Beckham replied "Well, Wenger has made you look a bigger cunt, yet again". With that Ferguson picked up a boot and fired it at him. When Cole walked in to the dressing room, Neville and Scholes were holding Beckham up against the wall and a couple of others were holding back Ferguson. I don't know how true this is, but it is more believable than the 'kicked a boot' story. Have you ever kicked a boot? It's hard to raise it off the ground never mind get the power to injure someone. If it's true I could see Beckham out the door in the summer." Thanks once again to Arseblog.

Meanwhile, the Internet has come up with it's answer to the age-old problem of looking through the sock drawer to find only odd fucking socks. Lonely Socks seeks to reunite socks from anywhere in the world. I've already seen a couple of socks on there which I might be able to match up with some of my own to make my own personal garment universe that bit more complete. Aaaah!

Check out this bit of technology. Material which uses optical camoflage to make it invisible. Looking at what they've made so far shows the current incarnation of this to be nothing more than a gimmick - quite shit if you're trying to to blend in. But one might expect this to get quite good in the future.

Worm game. Very low technology. My high score: 1359.

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