Friday, November 01, 2002

Thanks to Arseblog for putting me on the site. Currently there is a discussion there regarding whether football players ever look at fan sites on the Web. I reckon a few do, but probably don't feel as though they should come forward. I say this now: any professional footballer who is reading this should not be shy. Go on, leave a comment. You'll increase my traffic no end! Increase your cult status by tagging CTTM.... Hmm, well it's worth a try, but I won't hold my breath.

Bah. Still at work till Sunday. Hence me sitting here at 9pm on a Friday night. I have to go into work at 2.30am this coming morning. Grrrr! Oh well, at least I've been pointed towards the marvelous Lego meets Monty Python's Holy Grail movie.

Thanks to the retards who are the Daily Mail readers, the BBC poll for Great Britons is currently headed by..... Princess Diana.

I despair I really really do... My hatred for the Daily Mail continues. Extremist, cynical crap. It's not an anti-right thing - I don't agree with the Daily Telegraph's opinions, but I respect it as a paper. Well, in theory anyway. The Daily Mail is like a campaigning propaganda paper... always looking to fuck some poor bastard over. Its readers sent shit to the home address of a Lotto official after the Daily cunting Mail printed the poor bloke's home address in connection with a story about funding for a pro-immigration charity. Jesus...

Anyway, vote for your Great Briton here. I voted for Isaac Newton, with Mr Darwin narrowly missing out. Newton was a sad loser, but if this was a personality contest I would be voting for Eddie Izzard (and still not Diana).

Look at an amazing ariel shot of Etna's volcanic eruption in Sicily.

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