Wednesday, November 06, 2002

A few weeks back there were reports of tiny alien spaceships - big enough only for the tiniest of creatures. Now, discovered in Chile this week, can be found the story of a tiny humanoid creature complete with pictures and interviews. Not enough conspiracy theory though.

Design your own alien at TechnoSphere. It will live in the TechnoSphere world and eat, sleep, fight, and mate. You can keep track of how it competes and what it's children are up to. Pretty damn cool.


The Kop

It was reported today that Victoria Beckham - "Posh Spice" - is attempting to stop Peterborough United FC from registering their nickname "Posh" as a trademark. Peterborough have been known as The Posh since they were formed in 1934. Read the story here. That one individual can challenge everyone else using a fairly common adjective as a nickname is frankly unbelievable. Associating the word posh with Mrs Beckham is of course now an irony - but I'm not sure if she realises it yet.

Build a cool looking PC (and exhibit your sadness).

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