Sunday, November 17, 2002

Grr, my 'pootah has been showing some bewilderingly annoying symtoms. Mainly involving the utter failure to let me use it. Hence my lack of activity here.

Expect a less than regular service for a wee while. Bah.

I have taken out my anger on the pages of Vent, however I'm wondering whether they will post it up as they don't allow a category for computing. However I'm still interested in cool computer mods - namely a goth computer case... (It ushers you in with one hand and slaps you with the other doesn't it? My fury silently grows in an unknown part of me.)

For all you work people who like to sneekily surf the Internet instead of actually earning your hourly wage, why not check out Ghostzilla? It makes web pages look like a Word document and allows you to switch off that contentious page with a flick of your (well exercised) wrist. You sneeky fucks. If you do have to surf at work, I may as well point you towards caught@work. Smooth.

Last time we bought you Voluntary Human Extinction. Today, prepare yourselves for.... Masturbate For Peace !!!!

although I still prefer: More Head Less Dead

or even: Give Bush The Finger
If nothing else, the bumper sticker suggestions page is worth a look on its own....

Be the highest bidder buy God! You can now buy God on Ebay. And there's no reserve price!

Oh Sandwich. Oh precious sandwich...

Importantly, you can speedily* find out why cats enjoy eating earwax.

*The word 'speedily' refers to the efficiency of your modem. Considering this is a link to a text only page, you can expect this to be as quick as fuck. Although not as quick as you would like no doubt. Nothing's ever good enough is it? Frustrated with your microwave are yer?

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