Sunday, November 10, 2002

Ah yes of course. The Phantom Edit and associated stuff. Star Wars The Phantom Menace was so weak and shit (and compared to the original three unbelievably weak and shit), more enlightened souls got together to recreate the film minus the annoyance of a small child acting like a brat and a cartoon character created to sell pencil cases and backpacks to pre-schoolers. This isn't new information of course. The Phantom Edit has been an established alternative since just after the world's heckles were raised by the unbelievable shitness of the Phantom Menace. However Charging Through The Midfield is much newer than that, and a friend just emailed me this particular link. So poo to you.

Having said all that, Episode II was much more of a masterpiece. An effects driven one admittedly; and Monday marks the date of the DVD release. This is alongside the Lord of the Rings Special Edition and the Once Upon a Time Trilogy. Oh yes.

After bringing you Simon Swears (can't be arsed to provide link), please now look towards a swearing xylophone!!! Not particularly suitable for work if you have your speakers turned up though. Then again, that all depends on your office I suppose. 'Tis very good anyway...

NASA have put a camera on a Space Shuttle speeding into space. Click here to download the 2Mb movie file and get a bird's eye view so to speak....

This site rules!: Download old Atari, Amiga, C64 etc games for your PC. But possibly even better for girlies is the news that Playstation have released a game with a vibrator! Ah. The rise of technology...

Also ruling is the site that lets you design your own lego person!

Molecules with ridiculous names.

Cat hate: my cat hates you dot com

Plump or bump? Can you identify the pregnant from the fat-arse?

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