Monday, October 14, 2002

Well, I said I wouldn't be able to update everyday. I do have a life you know? Although admittedly I spent most of Sunday playing pool and Playstation.

However I did find a site which is advertising a product for translating dog barking into human language. Sadly that language is Japanese, so you still won't understand it.

Meanwhile, US marshals are continuing the search for White Van Man in Washington State. It seems WVM has unfortunately found himself a high powered rifle and appears to be gunning down those pesky motorists who take too long to fill their cars and of course the kids who cross the road with no regard for his right of way as he turns left in fourth without indicating. The cheeky cunts.

Having said that, we're talking about America here. The land where the automatic automobile is king. Regardless, even American WVM would take any corner at a minimum of 20mph. Now the freedom to defend oneself with an AK-47 is one thing; crossing the road is another. Seeing as crossing aforesaidmentioned road is illegal in the the world's most free society and owning a high-powered sniper rifle is not, WVM would undoubtably claim to be acting in self-defence (Sorry. Self-defense).

Sadly for the world, the age of WVM is still to come. Whatever happens to our WVM over in the US, expect other WVM (I don't need to use 's there as WVM perfectly covers the phrase White Van Men, although I would have saved an effort had I done so seeing as now I've had to write this elongated explanation) to feature far more heavily in the news. In a Charging Through The Midfield exclusive I have discovered: WVM - the website!, readying to rock and roll, aimed to bring WVM (See? Good eh? No plural required) together... May God have mercy on our souls.


Here can be found a reasonable animation which I judge to be mildy humorous.

Hoorah! Comments finally sorted thanks to those nice people at haloscan.

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