Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Always good to hear of witnesses giving barristers the runaround in court, this excellent court extract shows such a case.

The thought occurs this aftrnoon, that I haven't sat down to write a decent entry here for a good while. Apologies for that. Hopefully continuing linkage makes up for it a bit. I hope there are no (prepare for shockingly poor joke...) missing links:

Now put that awful piece of shit homour out of your mind and checkout what your sleeping position says about you - although having read the site, I don't think it is entirely serious. I don't have a clue what my sleeping position is as I'm usually asleep - I guess I'll have to get someone to tell me. But then again, why do I give a fuck? The standard reply to being told that I snore is: "So? I don't care, I'm asleep."

Bah. That's it today. I'm off to get some food.

Final thought: John Lesley? Oh dear....

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