Thursday, October 10, 2002

One day I'm gonna post all the links I know to websites obssessed with the domestic cat. I think the cat is the first everyday thing to achieve cult status on the Internet. Not many people probably realise this because the Internet's a new phenomenon and people don't know what to look for. But I'm convinced about this fact. How else does one explain a cat-herding game? Or cat boxing? Perhaps you prefer Japanese pussy, else you might like it mean. The list is endless: music for cats; cat animations; rate my kitten; why cats paint; real photos of winged cats; and if your cat's getting on your keybord try cat-proofing it; if that fails go here to buy a cat ejection pack. Well worth the money I would imagine. The brilliant Nohands is likely to become a cat cult of it's very own if it isn't one already. And don't forget wednesday's link to cat-scan....

Sadly, the Japanese shaved cats page seems to have been taken down.

There are precendents however. Classic Internet cults already identified include: the unstoppable cult that sprung from the mouth-opening online video 'all your base...' and the early brilliance of bert is evil. The newest cult is apparently weebl and bob. That link there gets you to the full archives. I don't see the attraction myself - bunch of arse if you ask me, but others seem to like it. My personal choice of what should achieve cult status is furniture porn. But that's just my warped sense of humour I guess.

Thanks to Alistair for voluntarily making my life easier by offering to host stuff for me and putting together a more efficient header. Apart from being a thoroughly decent chap he also compiles one hell of a website. I advise everyone to visit his truely excellent scaryduck house of lies and his award-winning blog.

Okay, just been putting on Commenting software. This not yet working properly, but at least it's in place and looking good. Not much good like that though. Bear with me. Before I set this site up on Tuesday evening the only thing I knew about HTML was how to post pictures on a forum and how to make typeface look red and large. Hardly advanced stuff, and I've been at work all day today as well. Have mercy please. Again thanks to Alistair for pointing me towards the right software. No thanks to anybody else. Yeah, thanks guys. I live with a computer bod, so I might have to get him to take a look. Hmm. Anyway, sod this shit, I'm going to bed. Serious lack of sleep over the last few nights - I was like a zombie at work today. Dodgy Indian soaps don't help. I've been working on an Asian TV station for over two years now and the only word I understand is the Hindi word for "in association with". Thank heavens they have good outdoor weather over there, else their nice culture would be seriously exposed to some very forced commercial television. This, I think, would be very bad. And if you're wondering whether I get to see some nice late night Indian babes... I don't think so. They'll happily show a man getting hung on a primetime news bullitin, but show a bit of shoulder and fire and brimstone will rain down from the sky. I don't understand it, but then again I'm not from that culture.

And our culture is hardly a nirvana of moral virtue.

Just one final thought: Howard Wilkinson as Sunderland manager? Aarrrgghh ha ha ha ha!!!!....

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