Saturday, May 03, 2003

'Tis about time you got to play with some organised linkage:

Always nice to point out other blogs. Swish Cottage seems to know what it's doing. Also check out Swish's excellent photography page, not huge amounts there but all very minimalist personal and creative... Just what we like yes?

Not very minimalist and only arguably creative is the site named Boohbah Zone. Please don't write to this entity asking what this is supposed to be. If you are currently surfing whilst on acid or magic mushrooms than Charging takes no responsibility whatsoever for your state of mind should you choose to click on the link and peruse aforesaidmentioned site. Weird. Very weird.

Block Death. A collection of lego horrors.

And..... this article reckons Chewbacca's going to be back for Star Wars Episode 3.

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