Wednesday, May 07, 2003

The entity that writes this site is looking for a new abode. Current favourite is Mr Wong's Soup'Partments.

Remember Top Trumps? How about Top Trumps with Spectrum Games? This online time-waster represents those corners of the Web that you know you just adore.

yaaaaargh (thanks to the b3ta board)

Meanwhile Salam Pax, the Baghdad citizen who has been keeping a weblog has started writing again after a month offline. Catch up with Where Is Raed?

Simple but interesting game involving guns and weird hair.

Growl Karaoke: brilliant plug for this hardcore group's album. You need sound. And a packet of Strepsils. And here's one for the Phantom Mencap (he works with professional hackers): Those kings of controversy at b3ta shout "Hacker or Spacker?" at you. Are you capable of distinguishing between images of computer hackers and those of people with mental disabilities they ask? I bet you cannot wait to find out.

Finally: check out this site hosting UFO footage from all over the world.

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