Friday, May 23, 2003

Snore... The Entity that writes this Weblog is writing during a night shift. And a spare PC, some time to spare, and a need to update dictates its actions as it sits writing this entry. That is the problem with Weblogs it supposes. If you leave the site stagnant for more than a dozen days, even the most loyal of friends will get tired of checking for new material.

So here it is.

And how apt this all is. As you surf for something interesting, hoping vainly that Charging Through The Midfield will facilitate you with precious minutes of entertainment, Charging presents you with an essay concerning the very state of affairs you find yourself in. Which might lead one to imagine that Weblogs and the like are in existence purely to fill the author’s life with a thing to do. Which in turn fills the Internet surfer’s life with a phenomenon akin to enjoyment, interest, or lack of boredom. The more people adopt the Weblog as a communication tool, the larger this vicious circle grows.

How dodgy are you?

So is it all completely pointless? From a widely philosophical point of view the answer appears to be yes. We shall return to this question with a paragraph starting with the words "Let us return to the philosophical question". However from the standpoint of those concerned (i.e. you the reader and this entity the writer), no. No it bloody isn’t. Because you’ve got fuck all else to do except maybe to actually use your computer to do some work for your company.

Shitflap. (Charging points you towards Mr Tourette.)

And, because you Charging readers are an intelligent lot, it won’t have escaped your attention that all this gibberish can be representative of life itself. You do stuff because it’s better than standing there staring at the horizon like cattle. Humans have gone past the point of living the hunter/gathering existence. Our meals are presented to us in handy shells of pulped plant organism. All we can do to pass the time between feeds is to find anti-boredom activities. Like writing this piece. And we can philosophise and ponder upon this all we bloody well want but the deal remains the same. Our lives consist of feeding, rutting, and feeling bored.

Beer for the homeless.

Let us return to the philosophical question about it all being pointless. Don’t worry; this’ll be quick. Life can best be summed up as the sophisticated organisation of matter. And intelligent life is organised matter that has realised that matter existed in the first place. So the best that matter can do is to take that simple realisation further and examine itself closely. Learn, develop and evolve. How do we best learn? By listening to ourselves. And I mean collectively. That means listening to each other. Not to screenwriters, authors, journalists, and interviews with Gareth Gates (that should get me a few hits), but to other individuals, expressing themselves at moments of boredom. Remember that screenwriters, authors, journalists, and Gareth Gates interviews are expressions of people at work. That is not a natural state. Weblogs represent the first large scale public expressions at times of boredom. For the first time in the known universe, organised matter is talking to itself on its on terms. Long live the Weblog.

You're In Control (Urine Control).

Right. This has wasted an hour in a satisfactory fashion. Breakfast News is about to start so this ends here.

Bart's Chalkboard

Mr Tourette: the greatest cartoon strip of our generation.

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