Saturday, January 11, 2003

What's the point of Bravenet? Every time I try to use a piccie I've uploaded to it all I get is:

I'm assuming here that you all were looking at a little red cross in a box there. Else you really can see the disco deathstar and everything happens to be dandy for you at the moment. Rest assured that usually it is an annoying little red bastard of a cross.

Now this is what you want from the Internet (apart from the vast sources of free porn): Learn to swear in over fifty languages! Includes the all-essential insult-generator. I''ve certainly bookmarked it...

In fact I'm pretty fussy with what I bookmark and rare is the day I bookmark two sites. Yet today's entry marks such an occurance. What a golden time this is... Second bookmarked site is The Underdogs. This site facilitates the downloading of classic and out of print PC games free of charge. Marvelous indeed my friends. Marvelous indeed.

Track the changing trends of 2002 on the 'net with the nifty Google Zeitgeist.

Sorry about this, but I thought you might like to peruse some art made from dead kittens. Nice.

Online Rubik's Cube you bored cunt.

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