Wednesday, January 22, 2003

One of your number has demanded I link to this and to this. The first is an exaustive list of humorous and revealing war quotations through the ages, the second a website dedicated to the reporting of the news without a "distorted vision of the corporate media".

The sickest game ever to appear online. Shatteringly addictive though...

And in case I've pissed off the Israeli community: try out the falafal game. With thanks to Arseblog.

Vote in the third annual Weblog Awards. Sadly, but possibly without suprise, this site has been overlooked yet again. However Blogging Brits of which Charging is a member is up for Best Webring. I know I know...

Excellent site dedicated mainly eighties nostalga called X-Entertainment. Good stuff indeed. Another retro site can be found in the form of TV Party.

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