Sunday, January 05, 2003

Aaaargghh! A ger-zillion emails to read.... And I must've seen, heard or read about equal numbers of sites which I can have no hope of ever visiting. I had a bloody rotten Christmas. My Ma was in hospital and two of my relatives passed on. Humph.

Luckily though the FA Cup cheered me up. What with Spurz embarrassing themselves on network telly and The Arse strolling ever onwards. The marvelous FA Cup traditions have been there again for all to see. Those being the complaints about how all the tradition has been lost and how the competition is being devalued. Life wouldn't be the same without all those moaning cunts pissing on the exuberance of a bunch of old fogeys under grey flat caps remembering the old days when their team lifted the ancient trophy in front of two hundred thousand respectful rattle-rolling fans at an early version of Wembley with leather footballs which weighed more than Billy Bremner after his second helping of Christmas pud. And happiness can be increased further with the knowledge that having paired the words cunt and pissing I will have no doubt increased my hit counter statistics no end as various dirty fucks come searching for close ups of womens vaginas as they urinate on the crushed masses below (or on Billy Bremner). The amount of times my swearing has lured in porn searching hoards is, well, I could say amazing, but I'll just settle for the somewhat anticlimactic interesting.

11 year old kid writes to every football manager and asks who they are going to buy. And he's a Gooner. Fair play to you boy!

Although I think I might have just left via an exit, check out this site. An archive of pictures of entrances that possibly lead to hell... There is even a radiation level taken at each site. Good stuff. But you'd better check in with the Forces of Darkness first.

Also: please visit the site of my mate Dave's Aikido Dojo. He is an Uchi Deshi which means he is on the road to becoming ridiculously hard. And Dave is going to be updating it occassionally so I said I'd give him a nod. If you don't know what Aikido or Dojo mean then visit the site whydontcha?

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