Wednesday, December 04, 2002

Thanks to a, um, masturbatory acquaintance, I present to you every single Playboy Centerfold from 1953 to the present. Yum.

Saw the new James Bond film Die Another Day last week. Not bad, but hardly a classic. They've managed to completely dump all the style and class from the Bond series that made the sixties and seventies films the cults they are now. Die Another Day is simply an action film nothing less... but nothing more. And only a competent one at that. So why not cheer yourself up?. Nobody does it better... Class.

Also aimed for your joylobes is this animation featuring every single thing referenced in Billy Joel's We Didn't Start The Fire. However, it's the chatty commentary that makes it.

Now check this out. Having spent years looking at the same static visual tricks printed in countless publications, it's nice to see one designed for the Internet. Expect this sort of thing to become increasingly common (eventually you'll become sick of these too).

The mint with the hole.

Also this week, students in Michigan have claimed to have built the world's first anti-gravity machine for the Metro-Detroit Science Fair. Dubious? Check out the video for yourself. Personally I'd like to see them testing it outdoors where there is less possibility of fiendishly situated wiring. Talking about wierd-arse flying gizmos, check out this page of UFO sightings in Medieval art and this article.

Chap who went to see preview of the Two Towers film and kept getting interrupted by MTV. Ha ha, serves him right for getting to see it before me. What did he expect at a special MTV screening? Personally I can't wait for the 45 minute battle scene. Oh. Fucking. Yes.

Kikkoman Ha ha ha....

Truely excellent online racing game in the style of Wipeout.

Thanks to forum people for pointing it out

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