Saturday, December 21, 2002

Ah. Failure to update site. Bad. Presence at LOTR movie. Good. Next to us sat bloke with laptop. Ah, the Internet...

There are several films I want to take in at the pictures this Christmas; however first on the list is a reshowing of the Two Towers. Gollum is just terrific. The Oscar people are going to have to invent a new category for CGI characters (I freely admit this is Jonathon Ross' idea). Not wanting to ruin, but check out this site devoted to the mistakes made at the movies. Two Towers, it claims, contains 48 inconsistancies. Mmm, I think I prefer reading the list of films I'm a bit more indifferent to. At time of writing, Two Towers is ranked at 54 in the nicely fussy Internet Movie Database.

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