Sunday, December 08, 2002

Marvelous. Following Thursday's link to Amazon and "Customers who shopped for this item also shopped for these items...", comes an article detailing Amazon's embarrassment concerning aforesaidmentioned. Had you read the Comments of course, you would know this already. Nice 'un Al.

Toaster-tastic!: "This page features pictures of adults in sexual situations with kitchen appliances. If you are under the age of 87 (142 in Estonia, Khazakstan, Kyrgyzstan, Australia and the US states of Utah and Texas) and or are offended by pictures of rotherham / shirebrook / woodhouse / terrace road slags with kitchen appliances please LEAVE NOW. The author takes no responsibility for genital burns caused by attempts to reproduce the acts shown here."

I need say no more.

The mums guide to footy. Or rather the "Mom's Guide to Soccer"... Americans: grrr...

Um... er... did this really happen?

CNN has asked it's viewers to submit designs for a new World Trade Centre. Although some designs are a bit odd.

SK serenades the city once again, much to the city's frustration.

Glen Hoddle's Homepage. I kiss you!

Whoa! Early Optical Camoflage. Clothing that mimics the stuff behind it. I'm sure this stuff's gonna be refined and used extensively. It'll lead to the mother of all crime waves before triggering a boon in the infra-red security business. Buy your shares early my friends.

My word. Check out this ridiculously strong magnet on ebay. Decent.

he he he...

This is also pretty cool: Halfbakery. Site dedicated to speculative but original fictional inventions. Such as Flocking Road Cones, "Smart Road Cones that look after themselves."

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