Tuesday, April 27, 2004

I've been in northwest Vietnam and it is beautiful. Where there are tourists it is hard to escape sales techniques and locals trying to squirrel every penny out of you. Where there aren't people smile and every single person waves and says "hello". What does this to people? Vietnam is hardly that touristy. Furthermore, Vietnamese people spit, chew with their mouths open, stare at you, and throw their rubbish into the beautiful hills.

To really enjoy this country, find a place away from the tourist trail. Then it is as wonderful as any place you might visit. Don't do that and you will most likely leave this country feeling it is the worst place in South East Asia. And many people do.

Shamefully I cannot write the lengthy peice I wanted to about Sapa (the pretty but touristy hell hole) and Lai Chau (the pretty but untouristy place of pleasure). This is mainly because I have calculated my time on this machine badly and I need to get to bed. And that is because we are going to Halong Bay tomorrow and we have to get up at 7am.

So I leave you now with a half-week of pleasure ahead of me having left my Weblog to rot.

Do I care? Well actually there is a touch of bother within me.

But not enough to sit here for any longer.

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