Wednesday, April 07, 2004

If you could take a glass, dip it in an ocean and then somehow label each individual atom. Then pour the water back, wait eleven years, before taking your glass and re-scooping from any ocean or sea. You will have a better than evens chance of finding at least one of your original labelled atoms. So it is then that if you were to wait eleven years scoop a glass full of sea and examine the contents, you would certainly find some atoms that originated in the bladder of some drunken Full Moon Party reveller on Koh Pahnagn, Thailand. For many were wading ten feet into the water to urinate, bak turned from the beach.

But I shouldn't start this review of the Full Moon Party on a negative. It was a pretty good occasion. Everyone was friendly, there was lots to see and do, and the alcohol was bountiful and cheap. At one point I got to stroke two large Eagles. Dance floors ring the beach and revellers flatten the sand. It's quite a night. And no wonder for days leading up to the event tourists and travellers fill the resort of Hat Rin and then empty it in the days after.

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