Saturday, January 10, 2004

If you are a regular here, you may have noticed that I have mastered a certain function on Photoshop - see above. Also, I have been playing around with more music, so I am typing this as I upload the mp3's onto a server. Since I am hoping to upload 4 at roughly 2 to 3 Mb each and I am using a 56kb modem, I have plenty of time....

Which admitedly isn't too interesting for you to read, although you will hopefully see the fruits of this labour to your left. Or perhaps I will even post some linkies here (and at this point I have left a blank space):

Apple Of My Eye.MP3

Shape Of Things To Come.MP3

(And continued writing here:) I am currently also spending the time speaking to an old Uni' friend by the name of Mike. He has a fixation with gaining world domination via evil methods. Currently Mike is planning to construct an enormous tesla coil capable of producing enough heat and using up enough electricity to melt the polar icecaps. But not before he buys up large tracts of desert and land in areas high high high above sea level.

Ah, now Rob has come online and is trying to encourage me to visit Vietnam so we can shoot a cow with a grenade launcher for $30.


Just uploaded the files after half-an-hour and the whole lot are useless. Technical reasons folks. Not complicated, but too cumbersome for me to work out how to explain simply. As someone who works in television, I find myself putting out "Technical reasons" as an excuse many many times regardless of the nature of the interruption. Although this is usually for both simplistic and political reasons.

Anyway, and as I upload the files again... Mike has said that a better game would be to put a herd of cows in a field of landmines and take bets on which cow would last the longest. Shit, this is boring reading matter isn't it?....



My modem cut off near the end!

Bastard Internet. Right, I'm trying again, but this time I'm spending the time eating and watching Premiership highlights on the telly. Bastards!

Finally did it and hurrah!... My site has exceeded it's bandwidth. Why? Because whilst on Messenger I encouraged Mike to download the stuff already on my site. So if you decide to peruse my work I ask you to be patient and try a diferent day should Tripod refuse you access.

I thank you.

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