Thursday, January 15, 2004

I am going travelling.

Which is bloody marvellous as it means I get to burn many a bridge.

Yesterday for instance I got to resign from my work. Which also means… Hang on a sec: I’ve got Sky One on and I’m watching a woman telling a small dog its future after watching it walk over randomly scattered tiles on the studio floor. A kind of doggy tarot if you will. The floor is on the opposite side of the ceiling of the room I sit in as I write and I am now directing my cynical energy upwards in an attempt to affect the cards. BWAA HA HA HA HA HA HA !!! Difficult to know if this is having an affect. But if he could know Mr Grant would surely storm, or more likely waddle, down here and give me a piece of his mind. But it will not happen as the contents of my brain are strictly my own, and others are unable to read them. It is not a special ability of mine it is just that psychic forces are BOLLOCKS.

But seriously, you have to wonder about people don’t you? And no, the potential existence of “forces we don’t understand” is not a valid defence of this archaic and superfluous shit. Good television though if you like a laugh.

Yes, anyway, I’m off to Bangkok in March. And I’m not coming back till the funds I have been carefully marshalling together are expired. I hope to visit Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, various bits of Thailand, and any other parts of the region that take my fancy. In fact I may simply jump on a boat and let my destiny drift along with it. Chugging down the Mekong River, only occasionally alighting to search for mangos, is also a possibility.

Hence the changes to Charging Through The Midfield I have been referring to in the last few months. Clearly, maintaining this site will be a bit difficult. However I hope to be posting news of my travels when I can. You may therefore look forward to an unreliable frequency of perspectives of other parts of our world. With any luck, and a bit of effort, I will not be merely copying the group emails I shall also be writing. The vast majority of travellers like sending these to friends back home because it gives them a sense of superiority. And I am no different.

The plane I will be flying over in is an Airbus A340. Here is a picture of one I found on the Internet:

(Here's a nicer picture of my carrier's A340 for my Mum): clicky clicky Mum

“Saturn is in Capricorn” apparently. Although I always thought that Saturn was one of the jovian planets orbiting in the Solar System on a plane between Jupiter and Uranus. And that Capricorn was a constellation of stars that appeared from the Earth’s surface to be in proximity to each other (but not in actuality of course) and to which some ancient civilisation had attributed symbolic meaning to probably as an aid to navigating the night sky and/or in relation to some form of spiritual endeavour.

Hmm, perhaps my indifference towards Russell Grant’s show has been heightened by the fact that I had barely began my resignation speech to my boss when he had to rush off to deal with some problem or other with aforesaid mentioned broadcast. Not much of a bridge burning then – more like standing under a bridge holding a lighter. Which isn’t very satisfactory at all. I still await the end of that conversation.

On a different note I have decided to start a new series of randomly publishing my friends emails:

For this post it is my mate Dave’s. Dave lives in Bristol and has just moved into a house opposite a butchers shop that sells, among other things, crocodile meat. Why not drop him a line?

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