Saturday, December 20, 2003

Since my last post Thameslink has sought its revenge. The following morning was a bitterly cold affair and my train was delayed for 45 minutes. In fact every train I have caught has been delayed this week bar one. That was a fast train which arrived on time and which I would have coincidentally caught in the nick of time had it not been for a ticket inspectors' sting which forced me to take an unnecessary detour through the ticket hall. I arrived on the platform just in time to witness the doors closing in my face. Had I not known better I would swear that the squeaky closing sound the doors were making was mocking, nay braying, laughter.

If we accept that this week's service has been even worse than usual, there can be only two conclusions...

1: Thameslink did a search in Google, found my site, and dispatched agents to scupper me and make my life more even miserable.

2: This site has karmic properties.


1: Unfuckinglikely. All money accrued by Thameslink goes directly into the pockets of its shareholders, so they probably wouldn't bother wasting it on me. In any case, detection of such a policy would bring with it awful publicity. Any action they might have taken would surely only be satisfactory for them if it should end with my silence, and since I am still here I must conclude it to be a false premise. Unless of course their attempts have been bungling Clouseau-esque efforts. This wouldn't be suprising considering the lack of ability they have shown in being able to run a simple linear train system.

Not now Kato...

2: Due to a long standing agreement I have with logic and a dearly held pact with reason (not to mention a gentlemens agreement with empiricism) I have to dismiss the possibility of naturally occurring karmic equalization (not a real phrase but it describes a concept which is not a real effect). However after my words against the activities of astrology, the people with the pens at my work signed a contract with Sky One and the not-inconsiderable Russell Grant to broadcast live a daytime astrology-related chat show. Not only that, but they have agreed to change the layout of our building in order to accommodate it! Have my boss' been reading my blog? I don't think so. This is not deliberate karma, but my boss said a strange thing the other day: "you don't believe in coincidence".

What did he mean?

Was he taunting me?

Perhaps he felt he deserved a bit of a taunt as he was handing me a freebie CD rewriter at the time, god bless his little cotton socks and all that.

But I can tell he knew something. And he knew something that was too close to home for me to see it at the time. Woods and trees etc. For I do actually believe in coincidence. Coincidence is the one truthful thing that can be relied upon. For much stuff happens. And when a bunch of stuff happens, we observe it. We observe it and we attach a concept to it according to our values.

And more stuff happens.

In fact stuff happens all the time.

And as all the stuff happens and we collect concepts, eventually stuff happens which has concepts like other concepts and concepts related to each other happen at similar times completely at random. And so we invent new concepts to explain the occurances of concepts. And belief systems and a whole bunch of other bollocks.

But all it is is a bunch of stuff happening.

Now I realise at this point that coincidence is a concept all on its own, but as I have stated: it is the only thing that I believe in. In effect it is the concept of the absence of concepts. And so my boss was trying to steer me towards the idea of coincidence. He wanted to put the seed of this line of thought into my mind.

And now I can see.

And copy CD's.

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