Friday, November 14, 2003

Grrrrr! Had a post all lined up on a floppy and the fucker has gone all faulty on me.

And rest assured it was the greatest piece of prose ever written by a man. I cry at this misfortune, but I at least possess a memory of the great work, whilst you, poor creatures, will never experience its influence.

However, in my determination to provide you with some sort of matter to stick your well kept - but yellowing - teeth into, I thought I'd take a look in the 'My Documents' folder on the machine I am currently on in an Internet Cafe inside the obscenity that is Elephant & Castle shopping centre and post up a bit of writing that I have found within.

And here it is in unedited format:

What is wrong in ‘ staying home to mind baby’
All social groups have developed a division of labour by sex. Thus on the basis of sex we allocate certain roles to men and women. However there is no natural or fixed order to that division whereas the allocation of tasks varies cross culturally. Therefore when is comes to the conception of ‘Femininity’ different societies have different conceptions about what constitute ‘Femininity’ and thus allocate certain specific tasks for women.

When it comes to the women’s role of being a mother, again it’s the society which has imposed a stereotypical that a woman should be perfect mother and thus the primary responsibility of rearing a child rests on her shoulders.

Despite this motherhood mystique, today mothers are highly likely to combine mothering with paid work. Women work for different reasons varying from financial gain to personal fulfillment. Although there are both costs and benefits of being a full-time homemaker and the multiple-role potions, the cost to homemaker seems greater.

To point out the disadvantage of being a fulltime homemaker, in an interesting study of alumnae from a prestigious college, fifteen to 25 years after graduation , Judith Birnbaum (1975) compared groups of homemakers , married professionals with children and single professionals. Of the three groups homemakers had the lowest self esteem and sense of personal competence, even in the areas of child care and social skills. These women felt least attractive, expressed more concern over issues of their own identity and often indicated feeling of loneliness and isolation. They missed challenge and involvement in their lives, while insisting that mother must always put others needs ahead of their own.

Thus it is clear that there are many disadvantages of being a full-time homemaker. Here it is important to point out the advantages of being a working women.

Interesting I think you'll agree.

But not as interesting as this document brilliantly entitled To whom concern.doc. I have blanked out the phone number to protect the innocents. That is to say, I want to stop any repercusions of idiots phoning them coming back to me, a nice innocent boy.

To whom concern

Alexandra and I have now been happily married for over a year
“We got married 10-10-02”. Alexandra permits to stay for her first year
Runs out on 7 of January and now, she will apply for her permanent residence.

We both are visiting Colombia over the Christmas period to have our religious wedding Alexandra is going to Colombia on November to make the preparations for our wedding.

We are returning on early January. In those circumstances please could you ground Alexandra residence permit now, so we can deal whit this chive in good time if you need speak to me could call me in day time to my office 0207xxxxx00

Yours sincerely

Yet none can beat car.doc:


stret car

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