Sunday, March 09, 2003

These party people plan to party on a Circle Line train on the 14th March. The intention is to "corrupt peoples future experience of the Circle Line, as the memory of the party will recur each time they use the train." They plan to announce the time and meeting place only on Friday morning. "The plan is simple", they claim, "get a bunch of people and some music onto the train. Have a party whilst the train is in the tunnel, and everyone pretend to be innocent as we pull into the stations." They've already done it once before and got 150 partying dudes and dudesses - being the young hopeful ambitious people that they are, they hope to make this one bigger and better. Well Charging wishes them the best of luck. The entity which represents Charging is off to Dublin for St. Paddy's day on the following morning, but if it feels inclined to party, it may well be there to report on all the action to you, dear reader.

Decent! Home-made retro Nokia. They call it a Pokia. Might have to get me one of these....

pretty damn cool...

Check out fan mail sent to porn stars read out in all the glory that is MP3.

A quite brilliant Tron game.

Weekly guess the movie quiz utilising images minus the human actors (but not the costumes). Previous weeks challenges allow you to check your answers immediately.

Also decent is this list of Google hacks.

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