Thursday, March 13, 2003

Damn. Missed the bidding for the infamous NASA anal probe chair.

One of the attractions of the Internet is that one can bear witness to the work of some of the most bored people in the world: Things I've Pushed Through Toast. And there are sites which occupy the bored for just a few minutes or so: Build the best paper airplane in the World

The best 25 Simsons Episodes Ever?
No 17 in the list, Bart The Daredevil

One of the ways the entity that writes Charging alleviates boredom is via the reading of words in books. And one of its favourite author's is the entity Vernor Vinge who has very limited Internet space devoted him. In fact this Singular Vernor Vinge Page is pretty much the singular Vernor Vinge page on the World Wide Web. Nevertheless it contains a link to Vinge's views on what he calls the Singularity: the postulated point or short period in our future when our self-guided evolutionary development accelerates enormously (powered by nanotechnology, neuroscience, AI, and perhaps uploading) so that nothing beyond that time can reliably be conceived by us meagre humans. Read an article about The Singularity by Vernor here. And here.

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