Monday, March 21, 2005

If I was not in occasional pain then that picture of Tetsuo at the top would have been integrated into the site much more aesthetically.

But the image is one that I downloaded at work and my work doesn't have floppy disk drive access and my home PC isn't connected to the internet.

So I would have to put a copy of the image into a CD burning software at an appropriate desk at work, cut a CD with the image, take it home, turn on my PC, save it to my hard drive and load it up into Photoshop. Then I would have to resize and crop the image. I would put a black border only on the vertical edges ('cos I thing that would look pretty cool) and write some appropriate wording in the suitable typeface. Something like: Charging Through The Pain.

Then I would have to resave the altered image, recut a CD, bring it into work, save it to my allocated section of the hard drive, upload it onto the site I use for hosting my photos, click the link, right click on the picture, select Properties and copy the URL.

Then I would have to log into my Blogger account, select the Template tab, find the correct piece of HTML code, paste over the old header URL with the new one, save the new code, and hit republish.

And IF that all went smoothly then I should have my new header, all nice and looking good.

But I can't be arsed.

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